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Bella Gluten-Free Goodies: Review and Coupon Code

If you bake for someone who needs to eat gluten-free items, hold on to your apron. Read this review all the way through, because there’s a coupon code at the end!

I was going to tell you the long story, but I’ll just skip ahead. I met the folks from Bella Gluten-Free online and they graciously sent me these mixes:

  • Biscuits
  • Brownies
  • Pizza Crust
  • Blueberry Scones
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Rustic Multigrain Dinner Rolls

To give you some company background, three ladies founded Bella Gluten Free in 2010. One is a celiac and one is gluten intolerant. All three are Italian and want to give gluten-free eaters delicious food.

I know it seems silly, but I adore the packaging! Instead of a box, these allergy-friendly mixes come in containers that look like pints of ice cream. This is called the Bella Gluten-Free Cup-to-Table line. And, to reduce clean up, sometimes you use the cups to mix together a couple of ingredients, like oil and eggs.

We tried the brownies first, on a day we had some friends over. The consensus: everyone loved the brownies, both gluten-free and non-allergy folk alike. Score! They were super fudgy, so I may add an extra egg next time. (more…)

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Give Yourself the Gift of a Better Day

We’re in the first week of  February! Did you just groan? If life is overwhelming, you’ve got too much to do, you’re facing a challenge, or you just want to go hide, then I have a post which I hope will help you a bit.

Over at my friend Lea Ann’s blog I have seven ways for you to turn around a stinky day. They’re not magic, but they’ve helped me in the past. I hope you’ll click over, because though these tips won’t make your troubles disappear, they will help you change your mood and perspective.

Read my tips now!

If you’re wondering how you’re going to make it through the rest of winter, check out my Kindle book The Power of One! You don’t need an actual Kindle to read it, just the Kindle app. You can download it to your computer, smart phone, or other tablet. Right now it’s got twelve 5-star reviews, so I hope you take a peek!

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10 Tweaks that Save Money

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Power of One series this month. I’ll link to the other posts at the end of this one, in case you missed any.

In The Power of One: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life, I share how one tweak can produce significant results. I know there are tons of “tips for saving money” posts out there, and it’s not my specialty. Rather, I thought I’d share some ways I save and earn money/gift cards. If one of these work for you, great! (more…)

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Autism in the Early Years: Back to Play Group

This is a story from five and-a-half years ago. I want other parents and caregivers to know there is someone else who has been there. I also want them to know progress will come. My son now is not the boy in this story. Take courage.

I am fortunate to live next to a Family Resource Center run by the Guidance Center. I found out about their services when Noah was around six months old and Josh was two-and-a-half. I was dealing with postpartum issues and trying to cope with having two little ones and no car. When I learned that there was a place literally next door, that I could walk to and had a beautiful room we could play in and join a play group, I was so happy I cried!

We started attending play group and Dr. J enjoyed it. We would also walk over on other days, just to give him a place to play outside of the apartment.  I named it the “Kid Center” figuring he wouldn’t understand “Family Resource Center”. It became one of Dr. J’s favorite places to go.

Last fall my son started at Head Start in the same building. Based on his evaluation through the school system we were wanting to enroll him in a regular preschool and see how he did. If you have read my blog for a while, you know it didn’t go as well as we wanted. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read more about my tough decision here and here.

Anyway, because of how difficult the fall was, I had to stop going to play group. Dr. J has been asking to go back to the Kid Center for a while, so I decided now was a good time to go back. We went this morning. (more…)

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10 Ways to Add Hands-On Learning to Your Homeschool

This month my friends are helping you kick of 2016 with the Power of One. Today Anne Campbell is going to share ideas you can use in your homeschool. Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember the goal is to find one thing you can use and then come back later for more ideas.

Here’s Anne:

No matter what your child’s learning style is, hands-on learning creates memorable experiences that not only make learning stick, but also make learning fun. When we look back over our thirteen years of homeschooling, my oldest son remembers the hands-on things we’ve done much more than the quiet-sitting-at-the-table things we’ve done. Even in high school, hands-on learning experiences are still a big part of our homeschool—from electronics projects to cooking to building an electric guitar. Hands-on experiences get kids involved in a way that stimulates all their senses, and reinforces what’s being learned in a tangible way.

There are many opportunities for hands-on learning in the homeschool, and they don’t have to cost much at all. In fact, some of our favorite experiences have been free. (more…)

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Empower your Distractible Child with Paper and Pen

This is a repost of a post from five-and-a-half years ago when my son with Aspergers syndrome was 4 1/2. I thought it might help some easily distracted kids.

“I love it when a plan comes together!” Some of you may be too young to know what TV show that comes from. That’s ok. It’s the quote that is relevant today.

We’ve been having a hard time with Dr. J accomplishing things and staying focused. It’s been very frustrating for me, because I don’t always want to be hovering over him, a hen-pecking mom. I want him to learn that if he has a certain amount of time to get some things done, and doesn’t focus to get the first things done, he may not get to do it all.

For example, “After you get dressed we can go out to play.” Last week I told him this one hour before we needed to eat lunch so he could get on the bus and go to school. He went in his room and got distracted by some toy or fuzz ball. He starts playing, laying on the floor, etc. I remind him, “If you want to go outside, you need to get dressed. ”

In a wailing voice, “BUT I WANT TO GO OUTSIDE!” (more…)

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10 Ways to Organize and Save Your Sanity with Tic-Tac-Toe

This month my friends are helping you kick of 2016 with the Power of One. Years ago I met Shelley Mollitor online through a mutual friend. She is an expert at helping busy women zap overwhelm. One of the best things she taught me is how to use a tic-tac-toe grid for organizing and planning. I asked her to come on over and tell you ten ways you can use this simple tool to make 2016 a better year. 

Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember the goal is to find one thing you can use and then come back later for more ideas. Here’s Shelley.

Stop right now and grab a sheet of paper and a pencil. Let’s play tic tac toe! (more…)

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Do This Instead of Swearing at Your Special Needs Child

If you know me personally, this title may have surprised you. I admit at first I created the title for shock value and blog traffic. I almost changed it. But I kept it because I know I’m not the only special needs parent who has felt this way.

All parents run into times when they feel like yelling or having a temper tantrum of their own. Unfortunately, special needs parents can run into that situation more often because of the extra stressors in dealing with their child. Sensory issues, apparently illogical fears, stimming behaviors, the inability to act appropriately, meltdowns, and more…these all test a parent’s patience and self-control.

As my son grows, he makes progress and I celebrate. However, new challenges arise as well. There have been times when I’ve been so frustrated I just wanted to let loose and yell and swear.  (more…)

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10 Easy Tricks to Keeping Your Home Clean

I’m excited! This month my friends are helping you kickoff 2016 with the Power of One. Back in November I watched a video from How Jen Does It on YouTube. I immediately thought it fit with the Power of One mindset because it’s all about simple. Jen gave me permission to type up her list and share it with you here. Again, remember we’re hunting for one thing to do. Don’t feel overwhelmed that the list has ten. Just. Pick. One! (more…)

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