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How I Use All About Spelling & All About Reading with Busy Boys

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I am featured over at All About Learning Press’ blog! They asked me to share how I use All About Spelling and All About Reading in my homeschool. Here’s a little bit of my post:

• I teach reading and spelling in my bedroom on the bed. The white board sits on the bed and my sons usually sit on an exercise ball next to the bed or they stretch out on the bed. Why do I teach in my bedroom? So I can close the door and shut out distractions. While I teach one son, the other one works on school work in a different subject in another part of our apartment.
• I store my materials in the bottom drawer of my dresser. We don’t have a lot of storage in our apartment. I used to keep them in a desk drawer in the living room, but usually ended up leaving the materials out on the trunk in my room. That makes my room look messier. Then it dawned on me—“just put it in your dresser since you always teach in here anyway!” Our magnetic white board gets stowed on its side between my husband’s dresser and the wall.

Click on over to All About Learning Press to read the rest of my article! You’ll find more tips and can even get ideas from other readers.

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