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Two New Year Gifts for My Readers!

2016 comes soon, and I have two freebies for you! Read on to learn more.

In real life, we often get overwhelmed. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we’re stuck. We don’t know what to do next. I understand. I’ve had many moments as an autism mom that I’ve wanted to curl up, cry, and ignore the world. Occasionally that’s possible, but more often than not, we can’t afford ourselves that luxury for too long. The laundry needs to be done, the screaming child needs help, a meal needs to be cooked, etc. (more…)

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13 Ways to Get a Homeschool Break When Your Child Can’t Handle Breaks

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We homeschool year round because my Aspie can’t handle long stretches of time off school. It also gives us the ability to be flexible with time off. If a day becomes particularly hard and we end up needing a break, it’s ok because we have plenty of other completed days.

But what do you do when mom and other siblings need a break, but your structure-needy child can’t handle it? He just doesn’t know what to do with himself and it causes problems? (more…)

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30 Ideas for Using Games in your Homeschool

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Never underestimate the power of games in your homeschool. Games employ critical thinking, use math when calculating the score, incorporate social skills, utilize reading skills, and increase memory. Of course, depending on what game you choose, you can also practice skills like matching, sets, math facts, alphabet recognition, word construction, and many others. Students can learn geography, science, history, fine arts, and more from games.

Go grab a piece of paper and as you read through this list, jot yourself some notes. You’ve probably heard of many of these, but one of my goals is to remind you of tools you already have. Did an idea for that science unit jump into your head? Could you tweak a board game to add some social skills practice into the mix for your child on the autism spectrum? Do you want to try a new math review game? Write it all down so you don’t forget! (more…)

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