As with most siblings, Dr. J and Meatball have their ups and downs. Some days it’s hard for my Aspie to have a little brother who wants to be silly so much. On the other hand, some days it’s hard for my gregarious little man to have an Aspie for a brother.

We’ve seen ups and downs today. Dr. J pushed Meatball for being in his personal space. Meatball punched him. Come to think of it, most of the issues today have been because Dr. J needs space and Meatball just has a hard time understanding that.

However, today we’ve also had some ups. I got to watch them be on the same pretend football team this morning. They enjoyed saying “hi” to the turtle in the goldfish pond by the leasing office. I was amazed at how long they both stood there!

Now for my favorite “up”. Today we went outside and played baseball for a while. Dr. J didn’t want to use the tee. And, you guessed it, Meatball wanted to be like his older brother. He, of course, has not had as much practice at baseball since he’s younger, and it took us a loooonnnnngggggg time to accomplish a hit from Mommy’s pitches.

When it happened, Dr. J cheered loudly: “Way to go! That was a great hit!” and he came running over to congratulate his little brother. You can see the “high five” above.

Priceless on many levels.

Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman writes from a real-life perspective so others can peek inside life with special needs. She shares what works for her in an effort to help others with homeschooling and high functioning autism. Jenny's motto is "Just keep swimming."

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