Instrumental Dreamland–Music for the Soul

I had the pleasure of taking Instrumental Dreamland for a test drive. Here’s part of my review:

Have you ever had a crazy night right before bedtime? A night when the kids are wound up, and hoping they’ll go to sleep seems futile? Ok, you don’t have to raise your hand. I know you’re out there. Instrumental Dreamland is here to help!

With eleven songs in an acoustical style, Instrumental Dreamland will calm your children for sleep. It would also be great for an afternoon break time or background music at dinner. As I was writing this, both my sons were running and stomping around. I asked my six-year-old to put the CD on so we could time it. They both calmed down before the first song was over! That, my friends, is magic that is worth more than $14.98!

You can find the rest of the review over at Home Educating Family Reviews. There’s a giveaway, too, so click over to see how many stars I gave the CD, and enter to win it! (The giveaway widget is on the top right of the review.)

Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman wants to live in a world where dark chocolate dispensers reside on every corner. As a homeschooling special needs mom, she’s been featured in Autism Parenting Magazine, Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories of Life on the Spectrum, and various blogs. If she survives the onslaught of testosterone in her home, she may take a moment to blog, read a book, try a new recipe, or loom knit a gift. You can find Jenny’s book The Power of One: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life on Amazon.

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  1. B L Doyle – After much thought we cihoce the picture with Henry P in the Green Hat as our 1st cihoce. The reason is because the whole Family is in the shot. If the Black & White photo had the 3 of them in it we would have picked it as #1. We feel that Black & White is always more dramatic, it also has a timeless apperance.B Lolo & B Lola

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