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The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide [Review]

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When Future Horzions asked if I wanted to review Cara Koscinski’s The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide: Handbook for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities & More!, at first I thought I didn’t need it because I’m a homeschooler. Then I realized many of my readers might like to know about it, so I said yes.

Boy, am I glad I did! This is one of those books that I wish I’d had seven years ago at the beginning of my autism journey. I’m also thankful I’ve got my hands on it now, because it’s still very useful to me. Chapters include information on IEPs, therapy, handwriting, fine motor skills, autism, sensory issues, behavior, attention/organizing, and learning disorders. This book is intended for parents who send their child to a school so they can ensure the student gets the help they need. However, I find it very useful as a homeschool parent because Cara tells me activities to do to help my child in different areas.

Let me tell you why I love this book.

  • Easy to understandThe Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide breaks down the workings of an IEP. Throughout the chapters she explains various terminology in relation to Click over to discover why one autism mom loves this book! via jennyherman.comtherapy and services. She also gives you tips in determining if your child might need help in a certain area.
  • Extremely practical–I love a resource that tells me exactly what I need to do. Not only does Cara do that, but she gives you simple ways to help your child. You don’t need a fancy degree to do what she suggests. For example, if my child struggles with handwriting, I can go to the section on handwriting and find lots of simple activities to strengthen my child’s abilities in handwriting.
  • Empowering–With this book in your hand, you are in the driver’s seat to help your child. Though experts have their place and are valued team members in your child’s success, Cara enables you to feel like you’re not just drifting, that you have a plan to help your child and you will succeed.
  • Easy to read and use–Sometimes books on special needs overwhelm parents with technical language. Not so here. Cara’s book is very easy to read, which is helpful for busy parents. Inside The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide caregivers find lots of lists. Cara includes lists of examples when explaining terminology (such as accommodations in the classroom) and lists of activities to help children in various areas. The book is broken into chapters by subject, so parents can skip to the chapter they need after they’ve read the beginning. For example, you can instantly turn to the chapter on sensory needs or learning disabilities. Cara also includes many lists of further resources.

I usually like to mention both pros and cons, but I honestly don’t have cons about this book. Even the price is reasonable. When considering price, I often like to compare the price to something else I could buy with that money, or what I would have to pay for services or classes to learn about that topic/get the help I need. Fifteen dollars is not much to spend to get an incredible amount of help for your child with special needs. For those of you with medical copays, that’s probably less than one copay. Think about that! I will definitely be adding this book to my recommended resources list.

Cara Koscinski’s The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide: Handbook for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disabilities & More! comes from Future Horizons. You can find many valuable resources on their site. You can also find Cara’s book on Amazon. (affiliate link)

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Cara also has a FREE download for everyone discussing eight areas of sensory needs! Get it here.

As earlier stated, I received a free copy for review. All opinions are my own. I really do love this book.

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  1. I am adopting my grandson he is 8, chronologically anyways. He is an amazing young man, with wonderful strength and spirit, the ability to laugh when others see no reason to. The school see’s him a a behavioral problem. I see him as an individual. I need your book to help my stay strong to help doors open for him to guide his way through his, sometimes very cruel world.

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