Autism Help Around the Internet: 9 Great Blogs & Resources

April is coming at the end of this week, and with it Autism Awareness Month. In preparation for that, I wanted to share with you some great blogs and resources  for autism help. Some of them may have special focuses in April, so be sure to visit them more than once! In fact, why don’t you sign up for their newsletters?!

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  1. Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism – This is a series I get to participate in! Fellow autism mom Wendy Woerner invited a bunch of bloggers to share their coping tips for all sorts of things. Learn more here.
  2. Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland – I’m excited to announce I’m going to be part of the blogging team over at Penny’s site. Each month I’ll have an article over there. In April she’s going to have a series “Affording Autism”. If you are looking for an inspiring story, you should read Penny’s story of when her son met Dave Ramsey recently.
  3. Sandra Peoples – I don’t remember how I met her–somehow on social media. I just adore Sandra even though we’ve never met in person. She’s very down-to-earth. The other day she wrote a fabulous post about special needs siblings.
  4. Not the Former Things – I found Shawna via my work for All About Learning Press. She comes up with some fabulous learning activities for her son! I was poking around one day and discovered she’s a big deal in the autism world.
  5. Autism Parenting Magazine –  Their resource list is HUGE! You need to check it out if you need help with something. You can also get a free copy of their magazine.
  6. Not Alone – Frankly, the title of this site speaks volumes, doesn’t it? You’ll find lots of encouragement over here if you’re a special needs parent. I enjoyed their recent article about “joy in the mundane”.
  7. Jennifer A. Janes – My friend Jennifer shares some great information about homeschooling with special needs and dealing with special needs life in general. She’s got a thoughtful post about things never to say to a special needs homeschooler.
  8. Homeschoolers on the Spectrum – This Facebook page and Twitter profile shares lots of helpful articles. I’m honored to be on their blog roll.
  9. Future Horizons – I’m privileged to be a reviewer for Future Horizons. They have a lot of wonderful resources available. My favorites are My Friend with Autism and What I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child with Autism. However, you’ll find lots of great things on their site.

There you have it, dear readers. Nine of my favorite places around the internet to find great articles for autism help. My question for you is, do YOU have a favorite blog, site, Facebook page? I’d love for you to leave your favorites in a comment!

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Jenny Herman

Jenny Herman wants to live in a world where dark chocolate dispensers reside on every corner.

As a homeschooling special needs mom, she’s been featured in Autism Parenting Magazine, Wit and Wisdom from the Parents of Special Needs Kids: Mostly True Stories of Life on the Spectrum, and various blogs.

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