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Special Education at Home Q & A [Plus GIVEAWAY!]

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Though I have not met autism mom Shawna Wingert in person, I think we’d have no problem sitting in a coffee shop should we get to meet in real life some day. I am a fangirl of her writing. She writes with such heart and her beautiful words seep into the souls of special needs parents. I’m excited to have her here today for a Q&A session about her new book, Special Education at Home: Out-of-Box Learning for Out-of-Box Learners. Be sure to read all the way through, because Shawna has a surprise. Let’s get started!

Me: Tell me a little about your special needs homeschool story.

Shawna: Well, the honest answer is, I NEVER in a million years thought I would homeschool. I was solidly a public school girl growing up, and assumed my children would do the same. When my oldest son was in the second grade, however, it became clear that school was not working for him – at all. So we made the leap. (You can read the full story here.)

Me: Why did you decide to write Special Education at Home: Out-of-Box Learning for Out-of-Box Learners?

Learn about the new book Special Education at Home! via jennyherman.comShawna: When we received my sons’ various diagnoses, we were already homeschoolers. What surprised me were how many people just assumed we would put them back into a school environment to let the “experts” teach them. The truth is, a mom homeschooling a child with special needs is subject to constant scrutiny for her decision to homeschool. My child see two therapists and a developmental pediatrician regularly. All three of them are constantly asking questions about my sons’ educations. Sometimes, I feel supported in our decision to homeschool. (It’s the BEST to have a doctor say,”I can see now that homeschooling really is the best decision for him. You are doing a great job.”) Sometimes, I am asked a lot of questions about how my child is performing in school and how I am teaching him – more than a parent of a special needs child in a school program would ever have to answer for. That can be tough. I wrote the book to essentially encourage other parents that they are more than qualified to teach their child with special needs at home.

Me: I know people can look at the table of contents, but what would you say is the essence of your book? Is it inspiring? Practical?

Shawna: I hope it is both! My favorite quote ever about the book is from Jamie Martin (author of Give Your Child the World and editor at Simple Homeschool). She graciously said, “Her voice (Shawna’s) is caring, guilt free, and full of both practical advice and inspiration.” I cried when I read her words because that is exactly what I was hoping for. The reality is that we need both. We need the practical, how do I deal with being at doctors appointments twice a week and still fitting in math, or what do I do on days when my child was up until 3 AM. But we also need the encouragement, the you can do this, the you are not alone. I hope the book does both!

Me: Have special needs homeschoolers responded to your book, telling you what speaks to them the most?

Shawna: I am so blessed to have a very loyal, loving audience. Yes, I have been lucky enough to hear from many readers who were touched by the book. Some of my favorites are from moms who are thinking about homeschooling, or are just getting started. A sweet momma who is beginning her special needs homeschooling journey this month sent me this message:

“I will be embarking on this homeschool journey for the first time. I will be letting go of all the services and accommodations I have fought so hard for. However, it is liberating knowing I am no longer chained to a system that does not know how to teach to my children’s style of learning. I was so relieved to hear  your ‘out of the box’ approach . A lot of the pressure I was feeling truly subsided. Thank you for getting out there and sharing your experiences.”

Me: What a great testimonial! Here’s my final book question: What’s your favorite part of the book?

Shawna: This is a difficult question to answer. I guess my favorite parts of the book are the ones that tackle everyday issues that most authors seem to avoid. The chapter about sleep and how much it impacts education (and thus makes homeschooling a child with chronic sleep issues a great choice) is one of them. So is the reality of how much we use screen time to aid our homeschooling days. My favorite message in the book is ‘Just because it is hard, doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.’ I fall into this trap all the time. Somehow, if things are tough, I am convinced that it is my fault – that somehow I am messing it all up. What I am learning is that sometimes, some things are just hard and must be lived through. And that’s OK. No one is the blame. Not even me.

Me: Thank you for answering all these questions! I can’t wait to see how many special needs homeschooling families will be blessed by your book. Is there a way people can connect with you and get further help from you?

Shawna: I blog at NotTheFormerThings.com about this beautiful, messy life I have been given. I also coach other parents on creating and implementing homeschool plans for their children, no matter what their needs. Coaching information is available here.

Here’s the exciting news! Shawna has a giveaway for my readers. One entrant will win an autographed copy of Special Education at Home: Out-of-Box Learning for Out-of-Box Learners!

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  1. I am subscribed to Jenny’s blog, which is how I was led to this great story of Shawna and the giveaway! As I read, not only was I encouraged to “keep on keeping on,” but also I had a glimpse of hope that this year can be better than last year. At the same time, I was thinking of one of my friends who has been thinking about homeschooling her son and how she might be further encouraged to do that if she read Shawna’s book! Will share with her!

  2. And now I’ve subscribed to Shawna’s blog, which means I get a bonus entry, yay! So glad you’ve shared about her book. Will contact our statewide homeschool convention organizers to see if they’d invite her to our next convention!

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