What does a mom do when her All About Spelling plan fails?

When Your All About Spelling Plan Fails

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Homeschool moms are busy, right? So if we can find something to save us time, we rejoice. Last school year I thought I had found the perfect way to use All About Spelling to save me time.

My younger son, 8, is a pretty good speller. I don’t know if he remembers what he reads or he’s a natural, but he seemed to be ahead of where he was in All About Spelling (affiliate link). One day I had a brilliant thought. What if I could teach both my boys the same spelling lesson? That would save me some time during the day. One of my boys had even mentioned doing school in their bedroom. This was the perfect opportunity. (more…)

Discover how to turn Sorry! into a math review game! via jennyherman.com

Create a Math Review Game with Sorry!

Last month I was sitting here trying to think of a new fun way to review math facts. I know every day isn’t perfectly fun and hands-on learning in our homeschool, but I do like to make the “boring” stuff fun when possible (and when I have the energy). I thought about what games I had and how I could possibly convert them into a review game. I finally thought of using Sorry!

The great thing about this is you don’t have to be a homeschool parent to use this with your child. All kids need to learn their math facts! This would be a fun game for after-school review. (more…)

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10 Ways to Add Hands-On Learning to Your Homeschool

This month my friends are helping you kick of 2016 with the Power of One. Today Anne Campbell is going to share ideas you can use in your homeschool. Don’t get overwhelmed. Remember the goal is to find one thing you can use and then come back later for more ideas.

Here’s Anne:

No matter what your child’s learning style is, hands-on learning creates memorable experiences that not only make learning stick, but also make learning fun. When we look back over our thirteen years of homeschooling, my oldest son remembers the hands-on things we’ve done much more than the quiet-sitting-at-the-table things we’ve done. Even in high school, hands-on learning experiences are still a big part of our homeschool—from electronics projects to cooking to building an electric guitar. Hands-on experiences get kids involved in a way that stimulates all their senses, and reinforces what’s being learned in a tangible way.

There are many opportunities for hands-on learning in the homeschool, and they don’t have to cost much at all. In fact, some of our favorite experiences have been free. (more…)

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30 Ideas for Using Games in your Homeschool

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Never underestimate the power of games in your homeschool. Games employ critical thinking, use math when calculating the score, incorporate social skills, utilize reading skills, and increase memory. Of course, depending on what game you choose, you can also practice skills like matching, sets, math facts, alphabet recognition, word construction, and many others. Students can learn geography, science, history, fine arts, and more from games.

Go grab a piece of paper and as you read through this list, jot yourself some notes. You’ve probably heard of many of these, but one of my goals is to remind you of tools you already have. Did an idea for that science unit jump into your head? Could you tweak a board game to add some social skills practice into the mix for your child on the autism spectrum? Do you want to try a new math review game? Write it all down so you don’t forget! (more…)

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Homeschooling with Scavenger Hunts: 27 Ideas

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You would be amazed at how many different ways you can use scavenger hunts in your homeschool! All you need to do is get your creative juices flowing. I’m here to do that for you today. Here are twenty-seven ideas from me, including some I’ve used. (more…)

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The Pain-Free Way to Learn US Capitals

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I am beyond excited and proud of my boys’ hard work. The other day I verbally quizzed them on all fifty states. I told them the state, they had to say the capital. Dr. J got all fifty correct. I’m not surprised, based on his memory. However, Meatball, at almost eight, got forty-nine right! That means my pain-free method for learning the US capitals worked! We accomplished this in seven weeks.

What’s my secret? (more…)